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NEW YORK, NY, June 26, 2007 – Distressed Real Estate Solutions®, a leading provider of customized solutions for non-performing commercial real estate assets, today announced that Thomas Vivaldelli delivered a conference presentation about the Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities Market at the 10th Annual Debt Investing Summit.

The Distressed Debt Investing Summit has been the Industries’ leading event since 1993. The conference is designed for those with money in the distressed debt market, and for those that are interested in being involved. The conference agenda is filled with industry visionaries who teach practical and profitable applications to succeed in the distressed debt market.

Mr Vivaldelli, the President, and Managing Director at Distressed Real Estate Solutions®, focused his presentation on the Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities Market, and the tremendous growth the market is experiencing. “This market has grown from approximately $9 Billion of Annual Production to more than $230 Billion in 2006, covering a 10 year span” said Vivaldelli. “This market and structure has never been tested in a significant Commercial Real Estate recession, there are new layers of complexity, and that is where we believe the opportunities will be.”

Vivaldelli continued, “The opportunities as we see them will be to purchase the notes and property from the distressed holders which may be the B-Piece buyers and/or the investors in the more junior classes. Our Firm continues to raise funds for the acquisition and has developed the expertise to turnaround the real estate to take advantage of the next growth cycle.”

The Distressed Debt Investing Summit was held June 25-26 at the New York Helmsley Hotel in New York. The conference featured a faculty with over 500 years of combined finance experience, including all of the well known pundits of the Distressed Debt Investing market.

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Distressed Real Estate Solutions®' expertise is in working with real estate, financial, and lending organizations to maximize the return on investment on non-performing assets. With over twenty years of experience in banking, real estate development, mortgage brokering, and direct mortgage lending, our principals have the business savvy your institution needs to effectively manage its distressed properties. Distressed Real Estate Solutions® will research and identify your property's key issues, quantify all problems, and develop the innovative strategies and tactics needed to address your unique business challenges.


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